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Underground Nuclear Power Plants
Several Underground Nuclear Power Plants
(UNPPs) have been operated since the early 1960s in
Europe and the Soviet Union.
Russia is studying plans to build more underground
NPPs using small "mini" naval reactors....
Chernobyl on the Hudson
In September 2004 the Union of Concerned
Scientists published a report into the Indian Point
nuclear power station, located on the Hudson River
35 miles north of New York....
Secret Fallout
"Directly out of the business of nuclear weapons
came the business of nuclear power, heralded in
our country with the slogan, Atoms for Peace. Even
that innocent-sounding slogan is part of the endless
pattern of public deception that surrounds..."

This is an article by Morgan Reynolds on Professor Steven Jones and his well known
“thermite” theory for the destruction of the Twin Towers.

There are some very interesting photographs, of the streets being washed down
afterwards. Cars were burned in a peculiar way, warped, with one half burned and the other
half untouched. Plastic upholstery in the cars unburned. There are reports of paper being
untouched, while metal burned and people were vapourised.

Washing is standard practice to remove radioactive contamination.

The burning of metal but not paper or plastic is very interesting. As I go into in the report,
there are aspects of the fallout which lead one to conclude that the “device” produced
extremely intense neutron radiation.

It was not just an explosive device - it was also a Neutron Bomb.

Metal objects would block and absorb the neutrons and so heat up instantly, whereas
paper and plastic would offer no resistance and the neutrons would just pass through.
Hence metal burns while paper is untouched.

The Human Body is 70% water. Water is one of the best neutron absorbers, used as a
radiation shield. In an intense neutron flux, people would probably turn to plasma and
evaporate. This was always one of the “horrors” of the Neutron Bomb scare in the 1970s,
when it was proposed to stop the Russian tanks from rolling across the North European
Plain. The Neutron Bomb would kill people but leave infrastructure intact.

Why the WTC “Device” may have produced directed neutron beams from a central
explosive source is intriguing. In the report we touch on the technological appearance of
Koenig’s Sphere which took pride of place in WTC Plaza and somehow managed to survive,
largely intact. I doubt it was just “modern art”. It looks like an eyeball - i.e. a wave
collection and amplifying device.

In an advanced form of nuclear reactor, one would not simply create an “atomic pile” to
create sufficient neutron density to initiate the fission chain reaction, by amassing enough
“critical mass” of uranium together in a big lump. How crude. One would use a Laser
approach to amplify the neutron emissions from a relatively small amount of material, by
resonance, to build up the amplitude and energy into a concentrated and coherent neutron
beam. A NASER - Neutron Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Neutron
pulses would then be fired at the fissile material to initiate nuclear fission.

By producing High Energy Neutrons, another vista opens up - nuclear fission using
Uranium 238 rather than Uranium 235. In fact, that is the whole motivation to create High
Energy Neutrons at all, so that nuclear reactors can be powered by the abundant U238
rather than scarce U235.

Over 99% of natural Uranium is in the form of the U238 isotope and 0.7% is in the form of
the U235 isotope. In a conventional nuclear reactor only U235 can be used to generate
power. U235 will fission when hit by the “slow” or low energy neutrons emitted by other
U235 atoms when they decay. Therefore a “critical mass” of U235 must be accumulated, so
that the neutrons emitted by the entire mass of U235 will sustain a fission chain reaction.
This is why natural Uranium is “enriched” to about 5% U235 and 95% U238 for nuclear
fuel. The chain reaction in the reactor is then controlled by the moderator rods, cooling
system etc.

Uranium 238 is useless in this system because it will only fission when struck by High
Energy Neutrons. Proposals have existed for decades to build reactors using the principle
called Accelerator Driven Fission. High energy neutrons are produced in a particle
accelerator and used to bombard U238, creating fission and power. One advantage of this
is that it is much safer. There is no self sustaining chain reaction - if the accelerator is
switched off, the reactor shuts down and there is no chance of a runaway core meltdown or
Chernobyl Syndrome. Abundant U238 and existing nuclear waste stockpiles can be used as
fuel, transmuting them into safe disposable by-products.

I do not believe that 60 years after the original Manhattan Project, that the US Military
have not made this obvious next technological step.

Indeed, the next obvious step is not just to use a brute force “particle accelerator” to
produce the neutrons but to develop a Neutron Laser as postulated above.

The reactor would look something like this. A central sphere containing the fissile material
- U238, surrounded by say 32 Neutron Laser Guns. The rate of power production from the
reactor would then be controlled by the Pulse Repetition Rate of the NASERS. The power
output could be turned up and down at will by turning a dial.

Now we come to how the whole reactor could be destroyed at once in a massive fission
event. The NASERS would all be turned up to maximum. The U238 would all fission in a
massive “power excursion” leaving a molten pool of material. As the whole system was
destroyed, neutron pulses from the NASERS would escape, not to mention the intense
secondary neutron emission from the entire mass of U238 and its daughter products
fissioning in a confined space (neutron leakage). There would indeed be an enormous
explosion, an atomic blast, but unlike a U235 blast there would be no self sustained chain
reaction. Because High Energy Neutrons are required to fission the U238, a relatively small
explosion was produced in comparison to the quantity of U238 which must have fissioned.

This is of course now moving firmly into the domain of hypothesis. It is the purpose of
hypothesis to try and explain or postulate explanations which best account for known
facts, based on our state of knowledge.

We know that over 700ppm of Strontium and over 500pm of Barium was present in the
dust. We therefore know that at least 500 tonnes of Uranium were fissioned per tower. We
therefore deduce the nuclear device was some sort of reactor, not an atomic bomb. We
have evidence of intense radiation beams, consistent with neutron emission and we know
that if 500 tonnes of Uranium from a conventional reactor had fissioned in a chain reaction
all at once that the Atlantic Ocean would now be filling the crater where New York City
used to be. Therefore, we postulate that the reactor was instead some form of High Energy
Neutron reactor, using much more stable and abundant U238, which produced much less
explosive energy when hundreds of tonnes of it underwent instantaneous fission.

Koenig’s Sphere may be a model of part of the device - hidden in plain sight for all to see.

The Dark Side of Professor Jones

This is a detailed critique by Gerard Holmgren of Professor Jones’ hypotheses. As Mr
Holmgren says, the demolition of the WTC is not a hypothesis - it is a fact proven by prima
facie evidence.

The Trouble with Steven E. Jones' 911 Reseach
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Killing our Own
"Through the release of atomic energy, our
generation has brought into the world the most
revolutionary force since the prehistoric discovery
of fire. This basic power of the universe cannot be
fitted into the outmoded concept of narrow..."
In 2002, the paper "Study of Traces of Tritium at the
World Trade Center" was presented at the American
Chemical Society National Meeting. This paper is
well known in the "911 Truth Movement" for its
presentation of anomalous levels of Tritium...
1700 Designated Ground Zeroes
The National Security Archive Electronic Briefing
Book "New Evidence on the Origins of Overkill"
describes the US military nuclear policy to bring
devastating nuclear power to bear against over
1700 targets in China, the Sviet Union..
The Last Wave from Port Chicago
The first Atomic Test of the modern age took place
at the US Naval Dockyard of Port Chicago, 30 miles
north of San Francisco, at 10.30pm on the 17th July
Environmental Studies of the WTC Area
This link is to the Forensic Data which proves that
the WTC was subjected to intense nuclear
explosions. On September 17th and 18th 2001, two
scientists from the USGS collected samples of dust
from Lower Manhattan...
Project Gabriel
In the 1950s Project Gabriel was a project to
determine how nuclear fallout from US atomic
bomb tests is distributed across the world and the
biological uptake of fallout products.
The Trouble with Steven E. Jones' 911 Research
This is an article by Morgan Reynolds on Professor
Steven Jones and his well known “thermite” theory for
the destruction of the Twin Towers. There are some
very interesting photographs, of the streets being
Controlled Demolition Inc.
Controlled Demolition Inc. are by now well known
in the 911 Truth Movement as the world leading
experts on the subject of controlled demolitions.
Many have inferred that their involvement in the
clean-up operation after 911 is evidence...