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Pictures of the Reactor Containment
22 September 2008
In what may be the most stunning direct evidence
yet revealed for the occurrence of "The China
Syndrome" under the WTC, press articles have
appeared in recent days concerning the discovery of
a "pothole" 40 feet deep in the bedrock.
Why they called it the Manhattan Project
30 October 2007
This article in the New York Times illuminates some
of the history of Nuclear Weapons development that
took place in Manhattan during WW2. It is well
known that the HQ of the Manhattan Project was at
270 Broadway.
Deutsche Bank Building catches fire
19 August 2007
Following the steam pipe blast of the 19th July, it
was reported on the 13th August that two
pedestrians fell into a hole that had opened up in the
pavement (sidewalk). Now, the empty Deutsche
Bank building next to the WTC has caught fire...

This article in the New York Times illuminates some of the history of Nuclear Weapons
development that took place in Manhattan during WW2. It is well known that the HQ of the
Manhattan Project was at 270 Broadway. Over 5,000 people were working on the project
in central Manhattan from 1942-43 under the command of General Groves. The article
covers the research of historian Richard Norris, who states that "hundreds of tonnes" of
uranium were also stored in Manhattan, at the Baker and Williams warehouses at West 20th

At 233 Broadway, the technology was developed to enrich natural uranium to increase the
percentage of U235:

"We walked past St. Paul's Chapel and proceeded to the soaring grandeur of the
Woolworth Building, once the world's tallest, at 233 Broadway. A major site, it housed a
front company that devised one of the project's main ways of concentrating uranium's
rare isotope [Uranium 235] - a secret of bomb making. On the 11th, 12th and 14th floors,
the company drew on the nation's scientific best and brightest, including teams from
Columbia. Dr. Norris said the front company's 3,700 employees included Klaus Fuchs....."

This passage from the article may be revealing:

"At one point, the [Columbia University] football team was recruited to move tons of
uranium. That work, [Dr Norris] said, eventually led to the world's first nuclear reactor."

The uranium originated in the Belgian Congo. The obvious question of course is why were
hundreds of tonnes of it stored in the middle of the most important city in the world?

This article shows that an enormous scientific and logistic nuclear effort was carried out
and kept secret in the heart of New York City during the war.

"It was supersecret," Dr. Norris said in an interview. "At least 5,000 people were coming
and going to work, knowing only enough to get the job done."

"He [General Groves] was nuts about not attracting attention,"
Dr. Norris said.

With everything required already in one location - uranium, enrichment technology, a
highly trained technical workforce, a port and the HQ of the Army Corps of Engineers
Atlantic Division, is it stretching imagination too far to conceive that they would have
naturally proceded on to the next step - the building of an "Atomic Pile"?

"Manhattan was central, according to Dr. Norris, because it had everything: lots of
military units, piers for the import of precious ores, top physicists who had fled Europe
and ranks of workers eager to aid the war effort".

What this article shows beyond a doubt is that all the conditions existed in New York to
build a nuclear reactor in complete secrecy. Even today, few people in New York have the
slightest idea that the buildings they work in were used for nuclear technology
development. For anybody who thinks it would have been impossible to build nuclear
reactors under the WTC and keep it secret, the evidence says otherwise. Not only would it
have been possible but indeed, given the confluence of circumstances, it would have been
entirely logical. With all the resources in place in New York and a war effort underway, it
would on the contrary have represented an enormous logistical disruption to break up the
teams and organisation established in New York in 1942. It may be more likely that this
continued while the "official" HQ was moved to Oak Ridge in 1943, permitting the
Manhattan operations to continue with even less attention and risk of discovery. At the
forefont of development, they could then have continued secret military nuclear
technology development throughout the Cold War with nobody the wiser. From a military
point of view, it would make perfect sense to have such a secret "non-existent" facility, this
time not hidden in a remote region of the USA but hidden in plain sight in the middle of
New York.
Why they called it the Manhattan Project
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Reactor Cores make their presence felt?
19 July 2007
On the 18th July, an underground blast blew a 7m wide
crater in the middle of Lexington Avenue, near Grand
Central Station. The blast was said to be caused by the
rupture of an underground steam pipe, installed in...
Christine Whitman Testifies
18 May 2007
Ms Christine Whitman, reversed her earlier refusal
and agreed to testify before a Congressional Panel
chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler investigating the
response to 9/11. Ms Whitman is the subject of 2
lawsuits brought by residents of New York..
Colourless Gas Cloud in New York
8 January 2007
Reports are now making the news of a
(colourless?) gas cloud carrying a strange odour,
covering Manhattan from the tip of the island to
Central Park, across the Hudson to New Jersey. The
power company say there is no leak of natural gas
from the gas supply. Could this be connected to the
reactor cores...
Cancer of Etta Sanders
17 August 2007
Ms Sanders lived near the WTC and had lived in lower
Manhattan for nearly 30 years. In 2005, she was
diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. "I believe I am
the victim of the lies of my government."
Drop Dead New Yorkers
23 May 2007
The fallout now taints us all.
Amidst the terror attacks of September 11, 2001,
Bush and Giuliani saddled up their bullhorns and
raced down to the smoldering World Trade Center
to shout out a single "patriotic" demand: re-open the
stock market!