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Underground Nuclear Power Plants
Several Underground Nuclear Power Plants
(UNPPs) have been operated since the early 1960s in
Europe and the Soviet Union.
Russia is studying plans to build more underground
NPPs using small "mini" naval reactors....
Chernobyl on the Hudson
In September 2004 the Union of Concerned
Scientists published a report into the Indian Point
nuclear power station, located on the Hudson River
35 miles north of New York....
Secret Fallout
"Directly out of the business of nuclear weapons
came the business of nuclear power, heralded in
our country with the slogan, Atoms for Peace. Even
that innocent-sounding slogan is part of the endless
pattern of public deception that surrounds..."

The National Security Archive at George Washington State University is an invaluable
resource for all students and researchers of government malpractice.

The Nuclear Vault on the archive contains many documents detailing the history of US
nuclear military activities. Their recent Electronic Briefing Book "New Evidence on the
Origins of Overkill" describes the US military nuclear policy to bring devastating nuclear
power to bear against over 1700 targets in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam
and Eastern Europe.

The official language to describe a nuclear target was a DGZ - Designated Ground Zero.

New Evidence on the Origins of Overkill
First Substantive Release of Early SIOP Histories
By William Burr

Washington DC, November 22, 2007 - The first comprehensive U.S. nuclear war plan,
produced in 1960, was controversial within the U.S. government because top
commanders and White House scientists objected to its massive destructiveness — the
“high level of damage and population casualties” — according to newly declassified
histories published today by the National Security Archive. The war plan also appalled
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, who wanted to find ways to curb its overkill, but
the first nuclear plan revised on his watch remained massively destructive.

“The SAC people never seemed to be satisfied that to kill once was enough. They want to
kill, overkill, overkill, because all of this has built up the prestige of SAC, it created the
need for more forces, for a larger budget. …. [T]hat’s the way their thinking went.” -
Admiral Roy L. Johnson, USN (ret’d), Deputy Director of Joint Strategic Target Planning
Staff (1961-1963) 6 December 1980 (Note 1)

I strongly recommend that you read this EBB for an insight into military nuclear

One wonders what the Designation was for the WTC Ground Zero.
1700 Designated Ground Zeroes (DGZs)
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Killing our Own
"Through the release of atomic energy, our
generation has brought into the world the most
revolutionary force since the prehistoric discovery
of fire. This basic power of the universe cannot be
fitted into the outmoded concept of narrow..."
In 2002, the paper "Study of Traces of Tritium at the
World Trade Center" was presented at the American
Chemical Society National Meeting. This paper is
well known in the "911 Truth Movement" for its
presentation of anomalous levels of Tritium...
1700 Designated Ground Zeroes
The National Security Archive Electronic Briefing
Book "New Evidence on the Origins of Overkill"
describes the US military nuclear policy to bring
devastating nuclear power to bear against over
1700 targets in China, the Sviet Union..
The Last Wave from Port Chicago
The first Atomic Test of the modern age took place
at the US Naval Dockyard of Port Chicago, 30 miles
north of San Francisco, at 10.30pm on the 17th July
Environmental Studies of the WTC Area
This link is to the Forensic Data which proves that
the WTC was subjected to intense nuclear
explosions. On September 17th and 18th 2001, two
scientists from the USGS collected samples of dust
from Lower Manhattan...
Project Gabriel
In the 1950s Project Gabriel was a project to
determine how nuclear fallout from US atomic
bomb tests is distributed across the world and the
biological uptake of fallout products.
The Trouble with Steven E. Jones' 911 Research
This is an article by Morgan Reynolds on Professor
Steven Jones and his well known “thermite” theory for
the destruction of the Twin Towers. There are some
very interesting photographs, of the streets being
Controlled Demolition Inc.
Controlled Demolition Inc. are by now well known
in the 911 Truth Movement as the world leading
experts on the subject of controlled demolitions.
Many have inferred that their involvement in the
clean-up operation after 911 is evidence...